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28 September 2020

UI / UX an important aspect of web application

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Netflix display screens in your mobile phone offering theatre experience movies / web series at your finger tips
Currently the internet is the most powerful medium. It provides an opportunity to reach a mass audience effectively.
Cloud-based services & apps are grabbing everyone’s attention to the internet and its usage.
Facilities like easy access to information, online shopping, instant video chatting platform & email services are possible due to the internet.

Moving to one such portal, which has been entertaining half of the world with their incredible contents over the years through the internet.
It is none other than Netflix, which is our favourite OTT platform for Hollywood movies & series.
Did you know? It was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California.
Now first let’s understand its features & model to analyse the estimated cost for developing a clone app like Netflix.
As we know it is an OTT Streaming Service which provides famous TV shows, movies, documentaries & web series in regional as well as in the English language with an ad-free view.

It has a vast database to store user’s activity and uses AI algorithm to analyse users’ behaviours and their patterns
which helps them to serve the content to each user which they will be interested in watching next.
The pricing model of Netflix:- All OTT platforms work on the subscription model and so does Netflix. As of now, it has 4 membership subscription plans. The mobile plan is available only in India and it works only on mobile phone and tablets and the premium plan of Netflix is the highest-paid plan, which provides the 4 screens which can be shared with family members and accessed at all times According to statista, In the first quarter of 2020, Netflix had over 182 million paying streaming subscribers worldwide. Of these subscribers, 69.9 million were from the United States. We have analysed the platform, now let’s understand the cost of developing a portal like Netflix. Netflix believes in providing custom experience to the users, through their services.

Below features need to be developed to create a portal like Netflix:-

  • 24 hours of video streaming service with the ad-free content
  • All videos, movies & documentaries are available in HD
  • Regional as well as English contents are available
  • Access to unlimited movies, shows & web series
  • Privilege to exclusive content of Netflix
  • Free trial for 1 month
  • Hassle-free cancellation feature
  • Suggestion for movies, web series and documentaries based on your past liking and view
  • User privacy and safety of data
  • Ability to share app link on social media channels
  • Video contents are segregated by category or popularity-wise, which makes it easier to find
  • An admin can control other users access with whom the screens are shared

The major expenses of Netflix are:-

Heavy spending on content buying
Software developers
Database management
Management of AI algorithm (recommendation system)
Development of the above features, integration of AI algorithm & database can approximately cost you around 13346.77 in USD & 10 Lakh in INR excluding GST.

To Sum Up

Hence, if you are planning to develop a clone app like Netflix then you need to do some extensive research, planning & study the user’s persona.

This is a crucial element in deciding the subscription charges per month which is the most important factor in terms of revenue generation.

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