Importance of e-commerce applications in today’s world !!!

22 August 2020

Business apps that can boost up your Business

We live in an era where technology plays an important role. One of the known example is the excessive usage of mobile phones.

Mobile phones have become a necessity in 21st Century, whereas the mobile apps have become a boon to mankind in various forms i.e android, iOS and windows.

A mobile phone has brought revolutionary changes in our life’s. It has improved globalisation bring people connected in a network. In today’s world, mobile applications are evolving our habitat, influencing our life and buying decisions.

“How can we boost or Bussiness?”

“How can we develop our Business in this Lockdown ?”

“How can we meet the socio-emotional needs of customers?”

So, let’s first understand why the need for mobile applications developed.
According to the latest statistics, every Indian spends around 90-130 minutes per day on his/her smartphone.
Technology is changing every now and then, and users need services in the comfort of their homes.
Hence the focus is diverted more towards online shopping rather than on the traditional shopping methods.

This emerges a need for a platform, through which a business can attract users attention towards their products and services. This need enloghtened the need for application, especially an e-commerce application.

Now, let’s understand, the Difference between E-commerce application and E-commerce Marketplace application !!

E-commerce Application :

When company which sells its product and services to the multiple buyers online are known as E-commerce application or a single vendor marketplace. These transactions can happen between Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C), Consumer-to-Business (C2B).

E-commerce Marketplace Application :

The E-commerce marketplace is an online application marketplace portal where the seller from different shops sells their product on the same portal.
In Laymen language, its an exhibition where people from different region present their product to users at competitive price.
e.g : Flipkart / Amazon.

E-commerce application is helpful in every sector. It helps businesses to connect with the right audience. Being one of the leading E-commerce app developers, we have developed a lot of E-commerce application for all kind of industries. These apps are helping the business to yield more profit for their company. keep reading to know more…

Listing down some of the sectors which are getting rejoiced from our customised E-commerce application: –...

Retail Sector :

Due to digitalisation and hands on accessibility feature, customers diverted their industry focus from traditional to modernistic shopping methods.
Through this E-commerce application, Retailers can extenively increase brand visibility, which help to draw focus of their user to their products or services.
E.g. The traditional Retail chain can give birth to an application which showcases all-new catalogues and attract their users with discount and offers to buy the product and services without scratching heads.

Fashion & Apparel Industry :

Globalisation in mobile technology has brought world more closer, it has also enlightened fashion and apparel industry promoting different designers showcase their talents all over the Globe.
with the help of mobile apps.
It provides a new opportunity for the business and helps them to create enormous visibility into the business world.
The consumer psychology also plays impulsive role in virtual buying than real store buying.
E.g. A Fashion house can showcase clothing line to global masses & can improve sales by being present online in global markets through e-commerce apps.

Electronic Industry :

We all know that the current youth are crazy for electronic devices, and most of the young users in India are spending time over the Internet and mobile phones.
The application makes it easy for tech companies to broadcast and sell the latest innovation and products to tech-savvy users so that they can wide range of option at your finger tips.
E.g. A headphone company can sell new innovative earphones, and headphone easily to the end-users without spending heavily on outdoor advertising or in-store expenses.

FMCG Company :

An app that can get you yield more money. Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a strategy some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors who are paid a percentage of their recruits' sales.
The recruits are the distributor's "downline."
Distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers.Today everybody is working and few people, have time to go out to buy essentials like milk, vegetable, fruits, etc.
Hence companies like FMCG can provide facilities, with the help of mobile applications where users can order the necessary goods at the tip of fingertips.
E.g. A grocery app will help the users to order essential items like Milk, Grains, etc. which will deliver at the doorstep.

This kind of service will help the company to enhance the user experience, which helps in building customer satisfaction and maintain brand loyalty.

Health Care Industry :

The health care sector is one of the developed industries in India.
Digitalisation and mobile usability have modernised the healthcare sector.
Through the help of apps, Patients can communicate with doctors easily, as well as able to order medicines paying online, increasing the demand for these kinds of applications.

These kind of medical eCommerce applications thinning the gap between patient and doctor, which proves as a boon in the healthcare sector.

Hence every sector should utilise the power of e-commerce app technology to increase their visibility & credibility, in turn proving profitable to their company.

“Still, thinking?”

“Whether you should invest in an E-commerce application or not?”

“We are here to clear your doubt!”

Our research and development team have done market analysis on, the importance of e-commerce application in today’s business.

Importance of E-commerce applications and E-commerce marketplace from sellers prospective

There is no doubt E-commerce is a profitable business in today’s world and provides an excellent opportunity for the seller to earn money online.

Following are the few points which simplify the importance of having an e-commerce app for your company: –

Easy setup :

E-commerce apps require a limited investment for setting-up the business.
Sellers can operate from any part of the world as per their convenience.

Global reach :

E-commerce applications help businesses to cater to a global audience and
create a presence internationally without even going places or spending on travelling.

Real-time data tracking :

As customer orders, products and services from the app, the seller or the owner gets the real-time data of the customer,
which helps in providing personalised as well as improvised service to the user.

Low operational cost :

Easy setup, no need to buy or rent a physical store or shop assistance.
Zero infrastructure and operation cost in setting up a virtual store.

Small business owners :

Small business owners with the help of e-commerce applications can compete with large corporate houses.
E-commerce Apps now provide a platform to demonstrate their products and services to the niche target audience, which was earlier not possible for them.

To Sum Up

In short, E-commerce application is providing a platform to sell the product and service to the mass audience with a limited investment.

I hope my blog explains how important an E-commerce application is for all kinds of business in current times.

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