Brilliant apps that can boost your business !!!

11 August 2020

Business apps that can boost up your Business

In this revolutionary market of IT industry for mobile apps, there is no field remaining where mobile apps are not present, whether it be beauty enhancing, fitness, cooking or technology.

Mobile phones have become a necessity in 21st Century, whereas the mobile apps have become a boon to mankind in various forms i.e android, iOS and windows.

“How can we boost or Bussiness?”

“How can we develop our Business in this Lockdown ?”

“How can we meet the socio-emotional needs of customers?”

Android and iOS are the dominators contributing approx 90% of the global market.
Increased competiton of apps generates increased demands cross platform compatibility where Hybrid Apps come into picture.

Various IT firms and Businesses use social media apps and if needed create their own apps for marketing (eg. facebook, Amazon, etc. ) Not only this UBER and OLA were the leaders for providing online taxi services. Also apps like Grofers, BigBasket, etc. came forward to contribute in the grocery sector delivering it your doorstep. How can we forget the food ? Yes, when we recollect our mind with mind blowing dishes the only app that comes in our mind is Swiggy Zomato and UBER Eats they are the rulers for food delivery.

Our team of developers have analysed apps that can boost your bussiness in 2020.

So, if you are a start-up company, and looking for innovative app ideas to develop in 2020 to attract user’s attention with your app then, keep reading to know more…

10 Innovative App Ideas for Start-Ups to Launch in 2020: –...

1) Fashion App :

This app provides the facility to upload the picture of yourself and needs details like height, weight and body shape.
Then a fashion stylist communicates with you on the app itself and explains to you what kind of clothes will suit you and what will not with visual graphics for a better understanding.

2) Book Review App :

An app which provides the facility to write and read reviews on books as well as helps to connect with writers via messages or by following them.

3) Architecture App :

An app designed for an architecture lover. An architecture student can watch 3D visual graphics of how big buildings are created. Also, the platform provides the tool and dashboard where one can create a blueprint for houses and buildings and can share with their friends and family.

4) MLM App :

An app that can get you yield more money. Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a strategy some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors who are paid a percentage of their recruits' sales. The recruits are the distributor's "downline." Distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers.

5) Booking App :

An app which provides the real-time 3D video animation of every restaurant as well as provides the facility to book your favourite spot in any restaurant.

6) Clothing App With Virtual Fitting :

An app which provides the real-time 3D video animation of every restaurant as well as provides the facility to book your favourite spot in any restaurant.

7) News App :

On this app, anyone can register themself as well as can create a profile to share their cities, areas news with other people who are living in different cities. Any published article or news will first go into moderation checking, if the news found to be fake or inappropriate then it be will be deleted without any notice. So, this app helps in spreading important news updates.

8) Quality Checker App :

An app which scans any food material to check the quality of the product. If the product is of inferior quality or it is contaminated, it will get reflected in the user’s app. This app will help the user to select the right products.

9) Interview App :

This app will provide the separate login from the interviewer as well for the interviewee. It also provides the video feature where the interviewer can take interview of the candidate on the platform itself. As well as an interviewer can assign the task to the candidate and the person can submit the completed task on the app.

10) School Management App :

This app provides management assistance to higher management authorities as well as providing ease in documenting, whereas parents getting the best performance graph of their child.

To Sum Up

We have listed some app ideas which can be developed in 2020. However, this just an app suggestion idea. A company who is planning to launch any unique app should do through thorough market research, planning and should analyse the pros and cons before developing any app.

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