Top iOS App Development Trends In 2020 !!!

12 August 2020

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Technology has always been a boon for mankind. It is upgrading itself every now and then, hence it is very important to stay updated with the latest technologies and innovative trends that can ease our life.

Android and iOS, has opened a new channel for the business enthusiast in IT sector.

iOS device is the most trusted device all over the globe, because of its security levels and authenticity which makes it the most reliable. Hence, Almost every business companies are investing in iOS applications to increase their app reach.

iOS app development trends which are ruling 2020 : –...

AR (Augmented Reality):

It is one of the most emerging technologies which is capable of ruling the digital space as well as playing an important role in application development.
So, Let’s understand how this technology will be helpful for businesses.
AR is a technology which enhances the physical object with the digital object to give an enhanced perspective of the environment.
AR focus on providing a user-friendly experience to the end-users. AR technology helps to solve the limitations of digital space or online marketing with the enhanced 3D object to give the life-like experience in the digital world.

E.g. In today’s world, e-commerce businesses can not only provide services at your fingertip but also with the help of AR technology companies can provide a 3D Virtual Dressing Room which will help the customers visualise the products digitally.

VR (Virtual Reality):

AR and VR work on the same ideology of digtisation. It is used to create a virtual environment with the help of a 3D digital object to give a life-like environment onto the digital world.
VR application is opening the new door of imagination for game enthusiastic as well as for entertainment industries.
With the help of VR, technology developers can write 3D programmes for games as well as for the entertainment sector to provide a whole new level for the experience to the end-users.

Internet of Things (IoT):

Internet of things is gaining way more popularity in today’s world. It can connect anything ranging from object to animals with the internet.
This technology can be enabled into modern devices for providing personalised services to the end-users and can be enabled to send insights of the customers via a network to the business. This will definitely be a helpful tool for companies to improvise their services.
Thus, IoT applications will help the consumer-based companies in acquiring detailed customer information.

Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology has opened a new market for the business sector. Wearable applications are not just helping businesses but users too in maintaining their health by providing real-time data of the users’ activities on applications.
For eg: The wearable technologies are helpful in health care health monitoring, tracking of data and communication with Doctor. And even injecting the medicine.
In Fitness and wellness: Heart rate monitoring, Calories burn count during exercise or physical activity. Interaction and staying updated with social media while doing so.
A pair of glasses augmented with a virtual display which adapts to your environment. It can record whatever you require, translate signs in other languages, give you facts about your surroundings and answer questions.

Cloud-based Mobile Apps:

We at Waytoglobal solutions through our expertise in the industry have deal with massive demand in cloud-based mobile apps. They are cost-effective as compared to the native apps. One version of the application,is sufficient to provide access on multiple platforms.

To Sum Up

We at Waytoglobal solutions believe that the mentioned technologies will be a driving force in 2020, which will rule the app world because of its functionalities which will ease the life of the people by turning mere ideas into reality if you want any of them call us at +91 7977249856 or mail at[email protected]

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