UI / UX an important aspect of web application !!!

25 August 2020

UI / UX an important aspect of web application

Immense use of mobile phones has increased the demand for applications. Every firm or company are investing a huge amount of their budget in app deveUskelopment,
nowadays app and websites are playing an important role in establishing the credibility of the business, as demands for applications and websites are increasing,
need for app developers have also increased.

Most companies hire expensive app agency and spend a huge amount of money in the application, which isn’t user-friendly.

"So, what is Good App?"

“where we can look for it?”

Being one of the best app development company, we get to hear a lot from our client that we need an app which helps to attract user’s attention on our app.

“But, do you know?”

“What is a good app and how UI & UX can affect it?”

I’m sure, lot of you are a little confused. If you are one of them, then hands up! First of all, let me tell you…

What is an app?

It is a software program which works on a wireless device such as on smartphone & tablets, also it is specially designed for end-user interaction.

Now, let’s understand, what makes app, a good app?

According to Waytoglobal Solutions, a good app consists of visuals, features & content which are easy to understand and navigate.
Also, an app has to be bug-free, easy to load, and can be accessed conveniently on smartphone and tablets

Being one of the best app development company, we have observed that if an application is not user-friendly,
It would be neglected by the user and would fail its primary purpose of customer engagement.

Most of our clients believe that mobile applications aren’t effective for their business and regret spending huge amount of money on development.

Do you believe that all mobile applications aren’t effective?

I would say, a big no, we say the same to our clients on the basis of our research and development. keep reading to know more…

Our team of experienced developers have tested some of the non-performing apps and have come to a conclusion that most of the non-performing apps
which failed miserably in the market are due to lack of UI & UX design. UI/UX Design is one of the most important aspect of the app.

In this article, I’ll explain to you the importance of UI & UX design in the app development.

So, let’s Understand Importance of UI & UX design

UI stands for User Interface, and UX stands for User Experience. A good UI & UX design improves the look and feel of the app.

It attracts the user & increases user’s interaction as well as promotes customer engagement which is an essential step towards brand loyalty.

Now let’s understand the work of UI in an app.

The name user interface explains a lot about its feature. UI deals with the overall structure of the application.
The main aim of a UI designer is to create good visuals effects keeping in mind the needs & conveniences of users as well as of the company.

The UI designer creates a graphic layout which reflects the identity of the company, as well as attracts end-user’s attention.
E.g. If UI designer has to create a visual layout for a beauty app, it will add visual effects which will attract women customers’ attention on the app.

I hope, UI concept is clear to you…

Now, let’s hop to UX concept!

An essential element of any good app is UX design
User experience is nothing but how a user experiences your interface when they interact with your application or website.
UX designer focus on creating a user-friendly interface on website, application or on any human device interaction.

To Sum Up

Thinking, how to achieve good UX design for your app?

Get a thorough understanding of your users’ preferences, demonstrate the features, functionality, user interface, as well a structure of the app to the users.
Ask them what kind of interface they prefer the most. Try to analyse the structure and design from your user’s perspective.
This will help you to create an attractive & user-friendly design and structure.
E.g. If you are creating an application for a rural region, then you must incorporate regional language so that it is easy for the users to understand.


Let’s take another example: – if an application or website is loading when a user is interacting with the app, show a notification explaining “Please wait, the page is getting loaded” this will prevent users from exiting the page.

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